Happy MSP offers a wide range of IT Products and Services, some of which are listed on this page. Please contact us for a full range of additional Products and Services we offer.


As a small business owner, you want to spend time on your business, However, who do you turn to for advice on ICT and Technology ?

In a post Covid world, we have a huge rise in Cybercrime, you need to have confidence in your infrastructure.

As part of our Products and Services, we can work as your Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO). We can provide you with the expertise of a C-suite executive identifying challenges, assessing and implementing new technology.

Operating a a strategic level, we can help you plan how IT can support your long-term business goals.

Products and Services-vCIO
Products and Services-Security

HappyMSP offer an integrated solution and monitor 24x7 your organisations security posture


All businesses need an increased Security posture, but where does an MSP start ?

Basic firewall protection and antivirus are no longer sufficient to protect an organisation from cyberattacks and a more holistic approach is required.

Modern solutions include a new generation of anti-virus and firewalls that rely on AI and shared data to determine potential threats and provide the capability to automatically isolate a suspected device from the rest of the network.

Are you certain that all users are using multi-factor authorisation for all accounts used on your network – how often is this audited?

As part of our Products and Services, we review all of your security and provide you with regular reports on your security posture.

Its not if you will get attacked, its when !


Backups and not just there for protection from Cybersecurity, what if your organisation is affected by fire or flood ?

  • Do you have effective backups ?
  • When where they last validated (and how)?
  • Are they local/remote ?
  • Do you know how long it will take to recover from any significant disaster ?

As part of our Products and Services, we offer a comprehensive Backup & Recovery service with regular validation of backups.

Products and Services-Backup

HappyMSP offer a consultative approach to Backup & Recover and demonstrate sample file restorations on a monthly basis.

Products and Services-web


Are you aware that many websites are hacked and used by threat actors in cybercrime without the organisation knowing about it ?

Most websites are built using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress. Once built, the designers move onto the next build and they are not reviewed unless an issue is identified.

CMS systems require regular security updates (similar to windows) and unless these are applied on a regular basis, the sites are at risk of being compromised by threat actors.

As part of our Products and Services, HappyMSP offer a Managed Services for Websites to ensure they are reviewed/patched on a monthly basis., with 24 x 7 monitoring for malicious activity.


HappyMSP IT Managed Services focus on the customer experience. We aim to provide a comprehensive service for a fixed monthly fee which includes:

  • Automated 24 x 7 monitoring of key hardware
  • Next Gen End Point Security monitoring
  • Unlimited calls to support desk
  • Monthly onsite visit
  • o365 Security Posture review
  • Device patching
  • Backup reporting/validation.
  • Quarterly Business/Strategic review
  • IT Panel Support access.
Products and Services -Fuze Managed Services
Products and Services-Support App

IT Support App Access

Typical Managed Services support portals are not very user friendly. Happy MSP vision is to ensure that clients are happy with their IT support, and as such, we provide our Managed Services Clients with access to a modern app that makes creating tickets and reviewing current ticket status a good user experience.

HappyMSP is committed to providing the ultimate user experience when dealing with IT Support issues.

If your looking for a new IT support experience that leaves you feeling Happy, then contact us for a no obligation conversation.